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Tony Xia

Against the backdrop of fast economical-social development, science fiction fandom now is rising in China as a major cultural phenomena. Chengdu, an ancient and modern city located in the southwest of the country, and the home for great pandas, has been the center of this new wave, thanks to its 40 years of supporting and nurturing of writers and readership in the genre. Now it opens itself for adventure and discovery as it prepares embracing a bigger world to welcome the international science fiction/fantasy community. In 2021, the biggest airport in Asia will be in use in Chengdu, making it the third mega-city after Beijing and Shanghai to have a dual international airport system.

Although it will definitely get busier, Chengdu is famous for its rather layback life style, and people can sit in the tea house playing mahjong and enjoying humorous tales from local story-tellers for a whole day, just for the price of a cup of tea. Sssssspicy hotpot, of course, is the most famous local food, and you don't want to try it, because you'll get addicted. Warned you… When you visit Chengdu, you'd better just go watch the pandas and other historical sites, like the one with alien-like bronze sculptures from 3k or 4k years ago.

Tony Xia is an award-winning Chinese-Canadian filmmaker and now the Film Project Director at Eight Light-Minute Culture Communications based in Chengdu. He has many years experience in filmmaking and advertising industry, and he taught film editing at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing for seven years. He is the Co-Chair of the Chengdu Worldcon 2023 bid team.